Sharing models

Worksheets can be filled with data by multiple users simultaneously. Perform the following steps to share your model:

  1. Click FileShare menu item to open the sharing dialog.
  2. Create a new share with Share by link or Share with user buttons.
    • Use Share by link button to create a share which is accessible anonymously by anyone in possession of a secret link.
    • Use Share with user button to share the data with a single registered user. You will be asked for the user's email. Please make sure that the email is typed correctly. The user will NOT be notified by the system. Please notify the user manually.
  3. Share settings will appear on the screen. Go through the following steps to select which parts of the model should be shared:
    1. Select the system privileges: System privileges are required to perform special tasks like exporting data or sharing the model with others. Certain privileges let user access all worksheet or all lists (even those which do not exist yet).
    2. Select the worksheets the user should access. You can share a worksheet in read-only or editable mode.
    3. Select additional worksheet access limits for each dimension if necessary. Setting this option will limit worksheet access to certain measures or list items.
    4. Select which lists should be shared with the user. You can share a list in read-only or editable mode.