CubeWeaver is designed with self-service in mind. You can change the computation models as often as you like to reflect the changes in your business. You can create additional reports or what-if simulation without specialized technical help. Nevertheless, we offer everything you need to help you get started.

Comprehensive training

Master multidimensional modelling with CubeWeaver
A 30-minute introduction is free.

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Model development workshops

Get help converting a spreadsheet model to a CubeWeaver web application

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Any kind of data transfers from or to CubeWeaver. We can help you with the initial import of you masterdata or recurring ETL jobs to transfer data between CubeWeaver and your database or ERP system.

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We offer email support for our paying customers. Use the contact formular or send us a mail.

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Custom development

Custom solutions based on the CubeWeaver technology. Everything from specialized formula functions to plugins with custom user forms and algorithms.

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