a collaborative multidimensional spreadsheet service

Implement a wide range of planning, budgeting or reporting solutions, create financial models and perform what-if simulations without writing code

Scales better
than a spreadsheet:

  • Multidimensional data model: Thousands of worksheets can be managed efficiently. Transform, aggregate or copy millions of cells with just several clicks. The data is always ready for BI and dashboards.
  • Reliable formulas: No broken references or endless copy/pasting. Express complex logic with just formulas by using the relations inside the data model instead of error prone VLOOKUPs.
  • Multi-user access: Hundreds of users can work with the model simultaneously.
  • Security by design: You decide which parts of every worksheet are shared with others. Special permissions can be granted to add or remove rows. Only model designers can see or change the formulas.

Easier to use
than a multidimensional database

  • Easy to use, easy to learn: People familiar with spreadsheets can master the system in a matter of one or two days. You can use the same standard functions. Many spreadsheet models can be translated one to one to CubeWeaver.
  • No code: Data queries, computations, data aggregation, workflow logic, what-if simulations can all be expressed with familiar spreadsheet formulas. The new cell addressing syntax is the only thing you will need to learn.
  • Affordable price: Most multidimensional database software will cost you around 1000$ per user per year. CubeWeaver is available for under 100$ per user per year, which is in the same price range as standard office software. You can even use CubeWeaver for free with up to two users per model.


  • Masterdata management: Business objects (like products or customers) are stored as list items. List items can have relations between them. These relations can be used to build hierarchies.
  • Multidimensional data model: List items are used to label rows and columns in worksheets. A row is added in all relevant worksheets as soon as a new list item is created.
  • Reliable formulas: No broken references and copy/paste errors. The 'area of effect' concept can be used to apply a formula to any number of cells with just several clicks.
  • Fine-grained access control: User access can be restricted with a cell-by-cell precision.
  • Workflow models: Buttons inside cells with formulas attached to them can be used to create workflow logic and to move the data between years/versions/etc.
  • Dynamic cell formatting: Everything is controlled by formulas. You can hide/show cells and change cell color and content based on the data in you worksheets and lists.
  • Integration: Data exchange with office software, databases and dashboarding tools is possible via ODATA protocol, REST APIs or .XLSX and .CSV files
  • Data visualization: Simple charts and diagrams can be generated inside the application.
  • High scalability: Billions of cells and millions of masterdata items can be managed on a dedicated CubeWeaver instance, which is available with the enterprise pricing plan.
  • High performance: Even very large models are updated instantly as you update input cells.
  • What-if analysis: Multiple sets of parameters can be stored in a separate worksheet with a scenario dimension. Other worksheets will than use these parameters to produce different result for each scenario.