Sample models

Multiple example model backup files are available for download below. Use the 'Upload model' button inside the application to restore the model into you environment.

Lemonade store

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A very basic model for planning lemonade sales.

Sales Planning

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A sales planning model for a fictional globally active bicycle manufacturing company. Worksheets CM1 and CM2 are used to collect company's sales forecasts and planned costs from several hundreds of shops scattered around the globe. Manufacturing cost figures are imported from a relational database into the COGS worksheet. This data is aggregated into the CORP worksheet to produce a company-wide income statement. The sales figures are collected in shop's local currency for each shop and the results are converted into company's currency (USD). Simulations of how corrency exchange rate fluctuations affect the company's income statement are possible by changing the values inside the Exchange rates worksheet.

Project management

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Work time entered into the Timesheets worksheet is used to compute labor costs based on the employee's hourly rate. The results are compared with monthly budgets to track the progress of a project.

Property valuation

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Property valuation is a DCF-based model for real estate appraisal. The system calculates net operating income for 10 years for each real estate portfolio based on rent roll data and market assumptions provided by the user.