Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support data analytics?

Basic analytics can done with formulas and the "aggregation" functionality. We recommend exporting the results produced by your model to other tools for advanced scenarios. See ODATA export docs for details.

Do you support data visualization?

Basic data visualization can be achived with the "Chart" button on the right side of the screen. Orient the worksheet to have the X on rows and Y on columns first. Please export the data to specialized dashboarding software for advanced visualization scenarios.

What are the size limitations to the models?

The system is optimized to store the bulk of the data in worksheets (about 100m cell values or even more on dedicated hardware) with relatively small dimensions (~10k-100k list items per dimension). Please contact support if you experience bad application performance. Small changes to the data model and formulas can help in most cases.

How is the data stored? Which database do you use?

We use a replicated MySQL database to store the data in the cloud. SQLite can also be used in an on-premise installation to simplify deployment. Please notice that the backend database is an internal implementation detail and cannot be accessed by the user directly. The import/export functionality or the REST API should be used to programmatically exchange the data with CubeWeaver. Manually changing the database tables in an on-premise installation will most likely break your system. We also reserve the right to change the database tables format without notice.

Why is the number of models limited?

First of all we strongly recommend keeping all your data (f.e. HR and Sales) in a single model and using worksheet groups for logical separation of concepts. This will simplify data consolidation and data exchange as formulas cannot access data from different models. Most customers will only need one primary model and maybe one or two copies of the model for testing, scenario simulation or development purposes.

The number of models is limited because CubeWeaver is an in-memory application and every model consumes RAM on our servers. We plan to introduce model archiving later this year, so that unused models can be stored without affecting your model limit. It will be possible to restore an archived model any time, as long as a model slot is available. For now please use the 'Download model' functionality to store a copy of a model locally.

What is the technology stack?

CubeWeaver is a .NET Core server application (all download packages are self-contained and already include the .NET framework). Angular based SPA is used in the front-end. MySQL and SQLite are supported as a data store.